Our Prayer

Heavenly Father,
we come before you in the Name of Jesus Christ our Redeemer.
We pray for strength,
focus and never to look down or back with regret but,
to keep focus on your purpose for Thaboera IT Solutions.
Heavenly Father break every circle of failure and doubt in Jesus’ name.
Lord we pray for profitability to Thaboera IT Solutions to meet us in Jesus’ name.
Let the spirit of favour be bestowed upon Thaboera IT Solutions everywhere.
Heavenly Father,
loose angels to create favor for Thaboera IT Solutios in the mighty name of Jesus.
Lord we pray for responsibility,
honesty and knowledgement of your wonder to accompany Thaboera IT Solutions in all our steps .
Heavenly Father let our understanding keep us in business more than agreements will.
Deliver us from evil,
let our blessings be from the Lord in the name of Jesus.
May abundance and multiplication rain down on Thaboera IT Solutions.
We thank You Lord for all that Thaboera IT Solutions stands for in Jesus Name.



  • Address: 55 Richards Dr
    Midrand, Johannesburg 1685
  • Email: infos@thaboera.co.za
  • Website:www.thaboera.co.za
  • Tel: +27 11 051 3906
  • Tel2: 011 695 4826
  • Fax: 086 600 5925